A U S T R I A  T R A V E L  G U I D E

Austria is one of the few places in Europe where one minute you're meandering through the backroads of a major metropolitan city, and the next you're skiing down the alps, and the following, you're staring at a world renowned painting. Austria's landscape contains rolling valleys, mountains, hills, and plains, intermittently interrupted by a large city with a vast population. Austria is small, but its landscape changes vastly within the blink of an eye. 

Austria is moderately priced, depending on the type of traveling you want to do. It's an easy and accessible destination from all of Europe, particularly western and central Europe, so transportation will be reasonably priced. Your biggest expenditures will likely be accommodation, adventure (depending on location), and shopping (if you choose to do so).

Fast Facts

Population: ~8.6 million

Language: German

Currency: Euro

Capital: Vienna

Conversion: 1 euro = 1.09 USD

Travel Risk: Low 

Weather: Moderate