B E L G I U M  T R A V E L  G U I D E

Belgium is a huge cultural hub in Europe. It's the home to the European Union Headquarters and NATO, the most amazing smothered waffles you'll ever see, three national languages, thousands of local breweries, the vibrant fashions of Antwerp, and the majestic streets of Ghent. But Belgium stands out not for only these things, but for its vibrant life. It's often skipped over by tourists, who choose to opt for more ~cliche~ places like Amsterdam and Germany, but Belgium is not one to be missed. 

Belgium, like most other western European countries, is reasonably priced. Prices will vary depending on where you are in the country, but hostels range from between 18 euros - 35 euros. More fall on the cheaper side of that spectrum, though. 

Fast Facts

Population: ~11.2 million 

Language: Dutch, French, German

Currency: Euro

Conversion: 1 Euro = ~1.09 USD

Travel Risk: Low 

Weather: Moderate