The Countdown to Salzburg

I'm going to Salzburg! 

The countdown is ON! And I finally get to depart from the magical land of London for the first time in months since the home office had my passport (sneaky bastards, just kidding, I had to apply for a new visa). Not only that, but I get to bring my beautiful mother with me. Feeling so #blessed. 

About once a year, I get a small taste of the, let's say, non-budget travel life. Aka, when my parents come join me for an adventure. I'm excited to see Salzburg, and I'm excited to visit somewhere where I don't have to be so money conscious. Is that bad? Oops. 

We're going to do the Sound of Music tour, which is a given. I mean, you can't visit Salzburg without running up and down valleys of dandelions without singing. When I visited Vienna for the first time, I couldn't even stop singing "The Hills are Alive" and it wasn't even shot there. 

And like, I'm sorry. Can this city get any cuter? 

We'll be heading to Munich for a quick day after, and we're a little too late for Oktoberfest and a little too early for the Christmas markets. So we're going to be biding our time in other ways: wandering through the Old Town, eating at the Old Market Square, and seeing the Lake District. I'm so pumped. 

Other than that, I'm utterly clueless at to what to do in the city. I haven't researched much at all, so I'm sort of scrambling to do some research before my mother gets here. Oy. 

I'm mostly excited to spend time with my mom, who I only am able to see a few times a year. Of course, I'm stoked the see the beauty of Austria again, but it'll be even better with the company of someone that I love and miss so much. 

Got any suggestions of what we should do? Let me know!