I'm Going to the Christmas Markets!

(Cover photo from Buzzfeed).

Anyone that's been to Europe during the winter months knows that Christmas markets can't be missed. From mulled wine to trdelnik to cider to German sausages, I cannot wait to pig out this winter because I'M GOING TO THE CHRISTMAS MARKETS!!

I've been stressing about my visa situation, because I had to apply for a new UK visa (long story). Basically I had convinced myself that I would get denied, that I had applied to far too many visas, blah blah. But I didn't! My dearest darlingest passport returned to my arms on Friday, and I couldn't be more stoked, not only because my visa didn't get denied, but also because I can FINALLY plan weekend getaways. 

My whole summer has been spent in London, minus a brief trip back home, and don't get me wrong, London is home. I love being here, and London in the summer cannot be beat. But I have a serious case of wanderlust that can't be cured, so when you take my passport away from me, it's like taking my livelihood. 

So just four days after my passport arrived back with me, I've planned two trips, in addition to one TBD location in November.

This November, I'll be heading to Sofia, Bulgaria, and this December, I'll be going back to Stockholm, Sweden! I am absolutely stoked. 

Stockholm Christmas Markets, photo from Flickr

Stockholm Christmas Markets, photo from Flickr

I strategically placed my trips so that the Christmas markets will be wide open for me to explore, and I can't wait. I've been to Sweden before, but I want to experience it during Christmas time, as I imagine it's even more beautiful than when I saw it in the fall. 

Photo from Girlmeetsbulgaria.com

Photo from Girlmeetsbulgaria.com

Sofia, I'm a little unsure about. Honestly, I know nothing about it, really. But last year, I made it a goal to visit every single country in the European Union by the end of my masters, and Bulgaria is one of the few remaining, alongside Estonia, Croatia, and Slovenia. Sofia holds its annual Christmas market in front of their national theatre, and it looks very impressive. I can't wait to see what Sofia has in store! 

If anyone has any suggestions of things I should do in either Stockholm or Sofia, please holla at me by clicking here. I'd love to hear what you have to recommend, particularly for Sofia.