15 Jobs that Allow You to Travel the World

If you were to look at my search history a few years back, this would have been my #1 searched item for a good 6 months pre-graduation. Now, I'm doing it! Here are a few positions that allow you to work while touring the world.

Airline Employee

Obviously, being a flight attendant or pilot would allow you to travel all over the world FO FREE. You can always take extra vacation days if you're flying to a destination that you particularly want to see, and if you're flying international, you may snag an extra few nights in an epic city before you have to fly home. 

Travel Blogger 

While it's quite difficult and takes a lot of work, there are tons of travel bloggers out there who make money just from writing articles and posting photos of travel. It may seem easy, but travel blogging is hard work. Most paid travel bloggers spend months or even years building their brand and following enough to actually make money from it, so be patient and dedicate yourself if you are truly passionate about travel blogging. I'm not discouraging anyone from following their dream, but there are hundreds if not thousands of travel blogs out there, so find something that sets you apart. 

Website Designer

Any kind of freelance position allows for some sort of flexibility in terms of location and hours of work. Becoming a freelance website designer is flexible especially in that coding is a universal language and can be done anywhere. If you have website design skills, it may be worthwhile into looking into freelance jobs abroad. 

International Aid Worker

Working for United Nations bodies or NGOs are great ways to live abroad and still be permitted to travel. Working at a refugee camp, administering aid after a natural disaster, or providing health care for an international health crisis can be extremely rewarding, but stressful. It allows you get to know a culture at its very core, for its good and bad. You can truly make a difference in the world by doing international aid work, and I encourage everyone to do it at least once. 

English Teacher

Often, the pay is poor and unlivable in most poorer countries, so if you're looking to teach English abroad, you may want to look into a more developed country - at least so you can live the lifestyle you want. Countries like Spain and South Korea pay decent wages to English teachers. There is always a scarcity of native English teachers abroad, so it's never too hard to find a job in the field. 

Freelance Writer

Working from home is an awesome way to allow yourself to travel the world. Keep in mind the visa laws of each country, but most allow you to stay for up to three months on a tourist visa. So you won't even have to worry about getting a work visa if you want to move around! 

Fashion Buyer

The world of fashion is almost like it looks in the movies. Fashion buyers often travel the world for weeks at a time, checking out the newest trends in fashion on a global scale. 

Au Pair

I have loads of friends who work as Au Pairs abroad. Often, you can live with a family for free room and board with a small stipend, but if you're eating and living with the family, most of your stipend money can go to traveling. Check out Au Pair World to find a perfect match. 

Travel Agent

Wait a minute. You get to PLAN trips and GO on them???! That sounds like my type of ice cream. 

Peace Corps Volunteer

While visiting the most luxurious countries may not be an option, becoming a volunteer for the Peace Corps allows you to live abroad for a minimum of two years. You'll have some free time to travel when you're not out saving the world, but at the very least, the Peace Corps immerses you entirely into a completely new and different culture.

Cruise Line Worker

Honestly, I couldn't imagine anything better than working on a boat under the sun. Nothing. 

Civil Servant

If you've ever considered a job in government, you'll have a lot of flexibility to travel depending on the post. There is a lot to think about when deciding to work for the government, and many posts that involve traveling can be stressful or discouraging. 

Tour Guide

If you love history, art, ghosts, films, food, drink, etc. then you can be a tour guide! There are SO many different types of tours all over the world, so you're bound to find one that fits your interests. While tiresome, you get to meet some badass people from all over the world who want to learn about what you have to share. 

Events Coordinator

There are different types of event coordinator jobs that may tickle your fancy. You could organize destination weddings, or even coordinate conferences for certain industries. While not all event coordinator jobs allow you to travel, the industry is flexible in that you can decide what fits your skill set the best. 


Got skillz that killz? Want to be Like Mike? Professional or semi-professional athletes have a lot of ability to move around freely, if they have "exceptional talent". Many countries like the UK offer "exceptional talent" visas in that if you're uber awesome at something, you can just up and move, just like that. But just because you've picked up a basketball at some point in your life doesn't mean you're eligible for these visas. Check out the rules first before you pick up and move. 

DISCLAIMER: Before you pick up and move somewhere, be sure you are familiar with the visa and immigration laws in the country you plan to visit or live. Most countries have some sort of visa stipulations that encompass working abroad. You wouldn't want to be denied entry or a visa because you didn't read the rules! 

There's lots of options if you're really passionate about living abroad! Some jobs require specialized skills, others require just a little bit of extra training, but it's about what you're willing to do or sacrifice to follow your dream! 

Live the Adventure,