The Ultimate UK Wanderlist

Confession (that you probably already knew): England has stolen my heart. 

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Fer real, this country is one of those places that you can never tire of. Some famous quote that people on Instagram say is "once you have tired of London, you have tired of life" or something along those lines. But it's not just London that's epic and stunning. The rest of the United Kingdom is charming too, so don't rule it out if you're only in the UK for a short amount of time. I've created a UK wanderlist (not just for you, but for myself) of things to knock off while in one of the best countries on earth. 

1.) Watch a horse race at the Ascot.

Going to the horse races is almost a rite of passage for all Brits, and one of my favourite memories of living in the UK so far. Any excuse to get dressed up, wear a funny hat, bet on horses, and drink Pimm's! 

2.) Enjoy high tea at Liberty.

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While "high tea" is more of a formal occasion for British folk, Englishmen very much fit the stereotype of being obsessed with their tea. Getting a tea at one of London's most iconic department stores is a must! 

3.) Rent a houseboat in Little Venice.

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You'll hardly know that you're in London with this one. It looks more like Venice or Amsterdam than anything else (hence the lame Little Venice!). Little Venice is a peaceful little area surrounding London Zoo, Regent's Park, and up to Camden/Maida Vale. Renting a houseboat for a few days would be idyllic and a perfect way to spend your UK holiday. 

4.) Hike in the Scottish Highlands. 

I've never been so cold in my life! And this photo hardly does the highlands justice. You can take a bus tour up through the Highlands, stopping at Loch Ness along the way and looking for the Loch Ness Monster. 

5.) Climb Mt. Snowden.

My boyfriend had tricked me into thinking this mountain was the "Mt. Everest of Europe" AKA I'm an idiot. It's not a super rigorous climb, but the scenery, nature, and wildlife around you makes it worth it. The mountain aside, Snowdonia is a beautiful area to spend a few days if you want to see a more nature-filled side of the United Kingdom. 

6.) Enjoy a night out in Shoreditch.

Shoreditch is known to be one of London's best neighborhoods for going out at night. You can find a variety of bars and clubs. And who knows, you may even meet your boyfriend on a pub crawl (oops). 

7.) Visit the Roman Baths in Bath.

8.) Explore the Christmas market in Winchester. 

Lots of cities in the UK are famous for their Christmas markets, but Winchester's has been one of my favorites. It's right next to the stunning Winchester Cathedral, and the city's quaint streets make it an authentic experience. 

9.) Go surfing in sunny Cornwall.

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Surfing?! In England?!!?! I'm still not convinced. But apparently, some of the best surfing in Europe can be done off the coast of Cornwall in St. Ives. The water is bluer than Scott Disick's balls after his break up with Kourtney Kardashian, and the scenery is pretty bae too. 

10.) Wander the Isle of Skye.

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This is the fiercest landscape I've ever seen. Much majestic, such magical. It's proudly been named the "4th best island in the world," whatever that means. But it looks stunning enough to me. Time to get going!

11.) Enjoy a 32% Brewdog beer. 

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Somehow I have no original photos of Brewdog beer (considering my roommate works for Brewdog and my house is usually full of them!) But Brewdog is a famous craft brewery in the UK that holds the world record for the beer with the highest alcohol content. So if you're tryna get tanked, don't leave Brewdog off your list. 

12.) Rush through the hallowed hallways of Cambridge.


If you want to feel like you've really stepped into Hogwarts, pay a visit to Cambridge (or Oxford) and have a little wander around campus. You'll be avada kedavr-ing peasants in no time. 

13.) Play some arcade games on Brighton pier.

For the best fish and chips in your life (run away from the seagulls!), you can visit Brighton in the south of England. It's a beautiful day trip away from London (only an hour by train), and you can get your Dave and Busters on by playing the world's most expensive and lame arcade games.

14.) Rent a cottage in the Cotswolds.

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Ugh my heart is huge just looking at it. TAKE ME THERE.

15.) Have a drink at The Nag's Head in Knightsbridge.

Another rite of passage for Brits is enjoying an after work pint with your co-workers. Thankfully, it's one of the few pubs you'll find that aren't playing the football (soccer) games 24/7, so you can enjoy a quiet evening in this charactery pub. 

16.) Share a romantic walk through Notting Hill with a loved one. 

Find your own late 90's version of Hugh Grant *SWOON* and meander through the streets of Notting Hill. You can see Portobello Road Market, shop for antiques, and enjoy a pint at the most flowery pub

17.) Sink your teeth into some roasted hog at Borough Market.

I'm literally ravenous as I'm typing this (somehow my dried apple slices didn't do it for me. Shocker). Borough market has some of the dopest street food in The Big Smoke. They've got everything from Boston burgers, to falafel wraps, to a giant pig on a spit. I'm so hungry right now; I'm about to eat myself. 

18.) See the Giant Causeway in Northern Ireland.

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LIKE WHAT EVEN IS THIS!? I don't even know but TAKE ME THERE. 

19.) Walk the walls of a 13th century castle in Conwy, Wales.


This can be tied in with Mt. Snowden, as both are really close! When else can you literally walk on top of a 13th century castle without security guards shouting at you!? 

20.) Celebrate at a festival on the Southbank, London.

The Southbank is still one of my favorite things in London, as it's always changing with new festivals, street food stalls, and activities. They have a comedy festival in the summer, a Christmas festival during the winter, and a bunch of smaller festivals in between.