GoPro: A Travel Game Changer

I've been pining over the GoPro Hero4 for months and months, and finally bit the bullet and got it in July. It's been a great way to document my travels and is so much less bulky than carrying around my Canon. Recently, I've often left my Canon behind because it takes up a lot of my backpack and when you're trying to beat the extra travel fees, it's sometimes necessary. But the GoPro allows me to take great photos and videos (which I'm still mastering), without the bulk of a giant camera. 

Photo from ImpactSurf.

The great thing about the GoPro is that it takes wide lens photos, which is excellent for solo travel. Perfecting the solo travel selfie has been my Everest. It's often difficult to get the background in the photo without having to angle the camera so all you see is 10000 chins. The GoPro eliminates that problem, with the wide lens camera getting a lot of the background in addition to your beautiful face at the correct angle. While it isn't the most high quality camera, I find that the pictures always turn out very nicely, but you have to be careful about the way that you hold it. 

What I don't love about the GoPro is its battery life. If you're using it consistently, it barely lasts a day, which is a bummer for someone constantly on the go. The good thing is that there are portable chargers out there that you can carry around to charge your electronics when you're on the move. 

Overall, 100% worth it. From the high quality videos, to the wide lens photography, the GoPro works just as well for backpacker travel as it does for adventure travel. If you're on the fence, take the plunge. You won't regret it.