The Highs and Lows of Being a Wanderer

There are always several pieces of you that are missing. Pieces that you left at home. Pieces that show that no matter how hard you love them from thousands of miles away, it won't fill the hole in their hearts that you left by not being there. 

There's the piece of you that you lose every time you go somewhere new. The piece of the person you used to be. The piece of the naive, old you. 

There's the scattered pieces of you that you've left all over the world. In every single person that you meet, in every laugh you share, in every hello and goodbye, there you are. 

There's a problem with wanting to take a few deep breaths in every single city in the world. It's that as your heart stretches larger and deeper, the more it aches. You are leaving thousands of pieces of yourself and your love in every single continent that you touch and every single soul that you meet. And saying goodbye to that part of you, the person that were at that moment, and the souls that you come to know and love becomes routine.

But the more love that you leave, the more pieces of yourself and your heart that you give away, the fuller you become. You see, your heart stretches so far and wide, but fills up quicker. As you leave bits of yourself behind, your heart fills up with new places, new friends, new hopes, new dreams, new stories, and new loves. So give yourself away to every single soul you meet on God's green earth. Allow more room for new things. Stretch your love far and wide across oceans and rivers and mountains and countrysides, through every sunrise and sunset. And linger for a minute, and hug, and hold hands, and embrace and say goodbye to the person that you were at that moment because you don't need them anymore. You are new. 

Do it now. Because your heart won't stop beating until you have breathed a few breaths in every single city in the world. So you may as well spread my love far and wide so that you can live in peace. Deepen your heart, and touch people's souls every where you go. If you can't be everywhere at one time, be right here. And leave an imprint on those surrounding you right now, so that they can carry that piece of you with them wherever you are. And your breaths that you want to take in every single country will turn in to bits and pieces of your heart and soul that you've left with others. Then when you're climbing Mt. Everest, part of you will be in Portugal drinking wine, while another part of you is with your mother in California. So spread your love deep and wide, so that you can continue to take breaths on every single country on God's green earth. And so that you may be whole again.