76 Things Every Female Backpacker Needs to Know

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There are some things that are necessary for a female traveler to know in order to succeed while traveling. Here are mine.

  1. You are brave.
  2. Bring 2 scarves, they can make an outfit!
  3. Wear comfortable shoes.
  4. But most importantly, wear confidence. 
  5. You don't need to be surrounded by friends to have a good time.
  6. Travel for yourself, not for how many Instagram likes you will get. 
  7. Travel is the only thing that you buy that makes you richer.
  8. Making mistakes is okay. In fact, it is encouraged.
  9. Saying goodbye is hard, but the feeling you get while saying hello makes up for it.
  10. Jet lag is real.
  11. Wear cozy socks on the plane.
  12. Don't be afraid of eating, a lot.
  13. Put down your phone and live in the moment. Photos are great, but you'll never have this particular experience again. 
  14. Bring clothes that you can layer!
  15. Bring basics that can be dressed up with different scarves. 
  16. Budget airlines are horribly uncomfortable. 
  17. You will change by the time you come back. Your friends and family back at home will not. 
  18. Skip the travel guides on occasion and make your own journey.
  19. Hostels are the best ways to make cool friends.
  20. Don't be afraid to fall in love. With a new culture, a new country, with yourself, or with someone else.
  21. Packing light won't hurt you. Packing heavy will. (literally, probably will hurt your back.) 
  22. You're just a plane ride away from home if you need it. 
  23. Homesickness is real. It also has remedies.
  24. Travel makes you who you are.
  25. Discomfort happens. Roll with it.
  26. The more you step out of your comfort zone, the wider your comfort zone becomes. 
  27. Don't spend your entire time traveling staring at a computer screen writing a blog for your friends and family (trust me). 
  28. You are just a small speck of dust on this earth, so do everything out loud.
  29. Don't pack so much makeup. 
  30. Carry your passport somewhere safe (and cute).
  31. Learn the baggage restrictions before you travel.
  32. The friends you make while traveling will be some of your best (and most interesting friends) for life.
  33. Don't talk about your travels unless someone asks. (See this article.) 
  34. Most of the time, they won't ask. 
  35. Bring some salt spray for your hair.
  36. Bring a spare towel.
  37. Bring lots of socks. Lots. 
  38. Easy on the alcohol.
  39. Bring a watch. You can't always rely on your iPhone battery.
  40. Try new foods. Even if they sound gross.
  41. Travel will boost your confidence.
  42. Travel will teach you who you are at your very core. 
  43. A free shot and appetizer may sound like a sweet deal, but they're not always the greatest restaurants.
  44. Take advantage of open bars (and appertivos), but not too much advantage.
  45. Get to know a club promoter.
  46. Travel makes you freer. 
  47. It's okay to eat alone.
  48. Don't waste space in your bag - it's valuable. Leave the laptop and the hairdryer at home. 
  49. An epic travel playlist is make or break.
  50. Get to the airport early. 
  51. Investigate how to get from the airport to your accommodation before you fly. 
  52. Become a confident haggler. 
  53. But know when it's okay to haggle and when not to. 
  54. Call your mother!
  55. The cute Italian guy you met may not be everything you thought.
  56. Just because someone's culture is different doesn't mean that it's wrong.
  57. Stay away from tourist traps.
  58. Souvenirs are cool, but the best ones are your memories. 
  59. Sit in your hostel lobby with a book and a drink. 
  60. If you're with a group, try not to talk so loud.
  61. Learn a few words in the native language of each country you visit. "hello, goodbye, thank you, menu, water, no, yes, toilet, and 'how do you say' " are a few good ones. 
  62. Don't act shy. This is your time to be confident.
  63. Street food. Always street food. (but be careful in poorer countries)
  64. Never get in a car with a stranger, although this may seem like a good idea when you're a few drinks deep.
  65. NEVER leave your friends alone at a bar.
  66. Learn when to tip and when not to tip. 
  67. Call your bank to tell them you're going abroad. Tell them everywhere you're going and for how long. 
  68. Don't get out of the taxi before your driver. And be very aware of where your belongings are at all times.
  69. Ditch the valuables at home. 
  70. Rainboots may seem like a good idea, but not when you have to trek around with them forever. Find some cute walking shoes, or some smaller waterproof gear you can wear.
  71. Don't forget your shower shoes.
  72. Be forgiving of yourself when you make mistakes.
  73. Bring leggings, but make sure you have shirts that cover your butt.
  74. Thank your hostel staff.
  75. Master the selfie.
  76. Take a deep breath. You can do this.