C Y P R U S  T R A V E L  G U I D E

Cyprus is a place with a lot of political turmoil, but that doesn't take away from its stunning beauty, bustling cities, and friendly population. Cypriot people are known for being friendly and hospitable, often offering to show you around or giving you tips on what to see and what to avoid. The country is also known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, from Paphos to Ayia Napa, there's never a shortage of golden sand beaches to explore. You can find archeological sites almost everywhere you go, from Aphrodite's birth place to the ancient walls of Nicosia. Cyprus is easily accessible to European travelers, just a few short hours on a flight, and the main airports service many major airlines. 

Fast Facts

Population: ~1.1 million

Language: Greek / Turkish

Currency: Euro

Conversion: 1 Euro = ~1.09 USD

Travel Risk: Low-Moderate

Weather: Typically warm

T Y P I C A L  C O S T S 


You'll probably end up paying anywhere from 20 - 40 euros for a hostel or budget hotel anywhere in Cyprus. It seems that there is much more of a hotel environment in Cyprus, so you may have to forgo a more social atmosphere for a budget hotel. Nicer hotels can be expensive, so tread carefully!

Food / Drink:

The local cuisine is not to be skipped over. Moussaka, hummus, halloumi, everything good about food in the world can be found in Cyprus. Casual dine-in restaurants are usually around 10 euros per person, but will climb a bit depending on how nice you go / where you are. Drinks are cheap, with local beers from around 2 euros! 


Flights will likely be a little more expensive than your typical European location, mostly due to location. Cyprus is also a popular holiday destination for many European travelers, so during the summer and peak seasons, expect your flight to be quite a lot more expensive. I got my flight for about $40 though, so keep an eye out for cheap trips! 


Depending on where you are, transportation is quite cheap. In Paphos, a daily bus pass is 5 euros. Expect to pay that much for a daily ticket most places that you go. I always opt to get the day pass wherever I travel, because I usually end up using transportation that much, and if not, at least it eliminates the stress of carrying around cash for a bus fare! 


Student cards are your friends in Cyprus! Make sure you bring it if you have one, because a lot of the archeological sites can be accessed for free with your student card. A lot of beaches are free as well, but bring a towel otherwise you'll find yourself paying for chair rental. Most hiking trails can be accessed for free. However, be prepared to fork out some dough for a lot of the adventure travel aspects of Cyprus. Cyprus can be done both on a budget and with some extra cash, just be wary of extra add on fees!