C Z E C H  T R A V E L  G U I D E

One of the most trendy destinations for travelers is Prague. Even with one of the most vogue destinations in Europe, The Czech Republic itself is also becoming increasingly more popular amongst backpackers because they are one of the cheapest European travel destinations, because since joining the European Union, they have refrained from joining the Euro. One of the most obvious destinations in the CR is Prague, which is popular amongst backpackers, students, and couples. It's also choc full of basic white girls flocking to see the John Lennon wall before it gets painted over again. Lets be honest: betches love Prague. The nightlife in Prague is on point, with cheap-as-hell beer and excellent clubs and activities. To date, my favorite night out I've ever had in Prague was while traveling (shoutout to Prague Pub Crawl). But there's more to the Czech Republic than Prague. The city of Český Krumlov itself is a UNESCO world heritage site. Karlovy Vary is iconic for its colorful buildings and spa baths. And guess what? The Czech Republic is the home to Pilsner. Yes. The Pilsner. So get moving and start drinking to the Czech Republic! 

Fast Facts

Population: ~10.5 million 

Language: Czech

Currency: Czech Koruna (CZK)

Conversion: 1 Euro = ~24 CZK

Travel Risk: Low 

Weather: Moderate

T Y P I C A L  C O S T S 


Accommodation in the Czech Republic is dirt cheap. With hostels averaging about $15 per night. AirBnbs average $54 per night, which is a steal compared to the rest of Europe. 


A meal at an inexpensive restaurant in the Czech Republic will set you back a whopping $4.18. If you want to splurge on something nicer, be prepared to drop about $20 on it. Basically, what I'm saying is the Czech Republic is a dream for the budget backpacker. 


Flights are relatively quite cheap to the Czech Republic, depending on when you want to fly. At the time of writing, I searched average prices for the next year, and at its very cheapest, flights to Prague on a budget airline ranged from $26 to $130. 


Prague has one of the best public transit systems in Europe, with metros, trams, and buses dotted all over the city. The prices are pretty impressive too. You can nick a day train pass for just a few bucks. Be careful though, I forgot to buy a tram ticket and ended up getting fined $40! 


Tours will likely be the most expensive activity in the Czech Republic. But overall, checking out the local culture by wandering, enjoying local brewskies, cuisine, and chatting with the locals will be more worth your while than a tour will be.