Q: How can you afford to travel?

A: If you asked me at various stages in my life, the answer changes. However now, I put aside a certain amount of my income each month for strictly travel. I have an entirely separate bank account just for my travel funds, and I don't touch it unless I'm paying for something travel related. I treat it almost like a bill that I'm paying. Each month, I pay my rent, my electricity, my internet, and myself. The money I pay myself goes directly into my travel account and that's all. 

I'm also a big budget traveler. I always look for the cheapest deals, so it's like traveling costs me a massive amount. To find out how I travel on the cheap, read my blog! 

Q: Who takes your photos?

A: Admittedly, I just bought a GoPro pole, so recently I've been using that lately. But if I'm traveling alone, I rely completely on the kindness of random strangers. I usually try to pick the ones holding a fancy camera or a baby or something, so I know they're going to take a decently good photo and that they won't book it with my camera. If I'm traveling with friends, unfortunately some friends have become my personal photographer *against their will.* Also, my boyfriend. Sorry Patrick. 

Q: Where are you going to next?

A: Depends when you're asking this question! Keep up with my travels by following me on Instagram

Q: How do I start a travel blog?

A: Just do it! If you want to start a travel blog, start one. My one regret is not starting my blog sooner, when I was in the midst of the beginning of my travels. Start with a basic platform like WordPress or Tumblr, and build your audience from there. 

Q: What's your favorite country you've ever been to?

A: My answer to this question varies depending on the day. But I'll say 9 times out of 10, I'll tell you that my favorite country I've ever been to is Iceland. 

Q: How many countries have you been to? 

A: Depends when you're asking this question! At the moment, I believe the count is up to 42. But I haven't counted in a while, so I'm not entirely sure. 

Q: What's the cheapest country to travel to?

A: Depends where you're flying from! I'll speak from my own experience and say that anywhere in Eastern Europe is typically the cheapest. Or Greece because you know... financial crash and what not. But places like Thailand and India are also quite cheap, but the cost of transportation to get there adds up. 

Q: What do you do in your real life? 

A: Woo! I never get to answer this question. At the moment as I write this question, I'm studying for an MA in Human Rights at Kingston University in London. My focus area is terrorism and political violence, and if we want to narrow that down even more, the role of women and girls in terrorist organizations such as ISIS, Al-Shabab, the Taliban etc. Aside from travel, academia is my second love. I did my undergrad at the University of Missouri, where I studied Sociology (woooo a useless liberal arts degree yay!) and have worked and volunteered for a variety of different charities and NGO's. I also work for a women's human rights group called International Women's Initiative. You can check out our website here.

Q: What's your best travel secret?

A: Not sure if it's a secret, per say. But be as flexible and adaptable as possible. Things don't always work out the way you want them to when you're traveling, so it's crucial to have an open mind and heart to whatever you're about to experience. 

Q: What's the one thing you want everyone to know about travel? 

A: Travel is not as glamorous or exciting as the world or Instagram and travel bloggers lead you to believe. I don't want to contradict myself, because traveling is singlehandedly the most eye-opening, heart-opening, mind-opening thing I've ever done for myself. However, when I get on Instagram, I often feel sad because so many travel bloggers sell themselves by trying to make travel look like this glamorous, beautiful thing. And it is if you want to spend an obscene amount of money, but travel is gross. It's sweaty, it's difficult, it's challenging. Don't let Instagram or the internet skew your interpretations of what travel is going to be. 

Q: Why are you so beautiful?

A: Great question!!! I wonder that myself sometimes.