U N I T E D  K I N G D O M  T R A V E L  G U I D E

The United Kingdom has held a large part of my heart for the past year since I moved to London. While most tourists visit London as their original destination in the UK, there are so many other hidden gems in this small country that make it special.

How does the UK / Great Britain / ENGLAND work!?!?!?!?!

The United Kingdom is a conglomerate of four countries that act semi-autonomously under the same government, similar to how the US has state governments that feed into an even larger government. The United Kingdom is the name of the COUNTRY as a whole, that consists of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. These four countries used to be completely independent from each other, until they decided to form a more perfect union - the United Kingdom. In 2014, Scotland held a referendum to leave the UK, but failed. Great Britain is the main island in the United Kingdom. So basically, England, Scotland, and Wales. See you later Northern Ireland. 

The United Kingdom isn't particularly difficult to get to. It's only a 7 hour flight from Chicago where I'm from if you fly direct. It's reasonably flights during the winter/fall/spring months, just depending on whether or not you want to deal with the shitty British weather. However, once you arrive, it's very pricy, especially in London. 1 pound is worth 1.5 dollars, not to mention prices are much higher for items. Hotel costs are high, especially in central London, but you can definitely find cheaper AirBnb and hostel options. 

Fast Facts

Population: ~64.5 million

Language: English

Currency: British Pound Sterling

Conversion: 1 GBP = ~1.56 USD

Travel Risk: Low 

Weather: Moderate