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Welcome! My guess is, if you've stumbled upon this page, you're interested in collaborating with me. That works out quite nicely, because I want to collaborate with YOU! Let me start off my introducing myself, and my "little blog that could."

If you're a blogger, you're in the wrong place! Go here instead.  

The Wanderlist was founded in August 2015, as a long procrastinated way for my friends and family to keep track of where I was located on the map. But after just months, I was shocked at the traffic The Wanderlist had received on the internet! Naturally, I was stoked. Every day, I continue to be shocked by the amount of readers engaging with me online. The Wanderlist has continued to amass a large social media following, as well as high reader levels directly on my website. I believe in a mutual beneficial partnership, one in which we both can benefit and grow, collaborate professionally and creatively, and engage our audiences in a new and innovative way. 

Why should you work with TWL?

Working on The Wanderlist has continued to be such a constant joy in my life, and the passion that I pour into it continues to grow. I love introducing my readers to new content, different ideas, and a fresh way of seeing the world. My mission has always been not to tell people how to do things, but show them how I live through my writing, photography, and story telling. Perhaps the difference is encouraging young women that they don't have to quit their job to see the world. My appeal toward the "every girl" instead of just the digital nomad type allows me to reach a large audience from all over the world, and not just those from specific communities. I'm tired of travel bloggers who seem so far away from me, which is what I see most of the time when I'm scanning the internet. I'd much rather look at someone who is just like me, than someone constantly in a bikini on the beach, because that's just not realistic for every girl. My passion burns deeply for the work that I do, and assure that everything is done with intense scrutiny and care. I'm light-hearted and fun, but have a tendency to dig into my reflective side too. 

What are the ways in which we can work Together?

I love discussing new ideas and bouncing off new creative and innovative ways to do things. While I'm open to discussion, here are a few options of what we could do!

  • Giveaways
  • Photography
  • Freelance Writing
  • Social media promotions (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc...)
  • Sponsored blog posts 
  • Product reviews/public endorsements 
  • Brand ambassadorships
  • Advertising
  • Public speaking (eek!)
  • Press trip coverage 
  • Reviews (hotels, hostels, restaurants, tours etc...)

So show me your stats.

Happy to! If you're interested in a partnership or collaboration, send me an email at or fill out the form below, and we can have a chat where I can provide you with my metrics and readership. 

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*Please note: The Wanderlist occasionally shares contextual affiliate links or sponsored posts. While I do make money from some promotions, I would never, ever promote anything that I didn't believe wholeheartedly in. If you have any questions, please contact me at